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If you already know about hosting, then it is easier to learn about bandwidth and how much do you need for your blog.

What is bandwidth?

Hosting providers often talk about bandwidth and data transfer. It is the amount of data that can be exchanged [Uploaded/ Downloaded] at a time. Data transfer is the total volume of data exchanged. Consider this example carefully to understand these terms clearly;

If bandwidth were a bridge and data transfer were vehicles, then wider the bridge, more amounts of vehicles can pass through it in a given period of time.

If your bandwidth is less, your website will load slower. If your bandwidth is consumed early, then your website will be unavailable until data transmission frequency is renewed (after a month) because you will have already reached the maximum volume of data to be exchanged.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Firstly, you need to decide what exactly you want your visitors to see. How much traffic do you expect per month? What size are your pages? How many pages will your visitors see in an average? You need to ensure that all your visitors can view your website without any problems.

Bandwidth = No. of visitors x Average page size x No. of page views x 30 days (in a month)

For instance, your blog contains 10 pages and each of your page sizes is 50 KB. You expect 100 visitors per day and each visitor will view all 10 pages on your website. So, your monthly frequency requirement will be;

= 100 visitors x 50 KB x 10 pages x 30 Days

= 1,500,000 KB

= 1,464 MB

= 1.4296 GB approx

So, if you expect 50K visitors per month to your blog, 10 GB to 20 GB frequency will be enough for you, depending on your page size and visitors. But, you need to calculate for your own statistics and analytics for data transmission requirement. Moreover, for a simple blogging site, 20 GB frequency is good at the startup.

Hope you now understand about the ß@ndwidth (data transmission/ frequency) and the requirement for you.

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