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How much can a beginner blogger make? Can I make a living by blogging? Beginner blogger earning

To be honest, a beginner blogger earning doesn't come only from blogging. Some pro bloggers earn more than $ 15,000+ monthly by blogging.

However, their content alone does not earn them that much. They have their advertisers; they sell services, use affiliate marketing, and offer products like e-books and training.

See here to find ways to earn by blogging. You won’t get prompt success. The multi-million bloggers started their blogs back in 2005 A.D or before.


How much will be a beginner blogger earnings depends upon multiple factors like quality, consistency, and competency of your blog, niche selection, blog traffic, audience target, and SEO. You won’t get rich quickly by blogging.

A beginner blogger can expect to make around $5 per month for some months and will grow every day after the later 6 months of your blog beginning time through advertisements. Selling something of value to your audience would make some more but that needs trust and trust needs time.


It is difficult to research, write, edit and publish articles that will generate tons of traffic in a short period of time. However, if you can pay for the traffic and advertise your blog well in the beginning, you will soon rank up in the search engines and earning isn’t impossible. Your blog should be at least older than a year or more to be found everywhere on the web.

If you get obsessed to earn from blogging, then you won’t earn again as you will get frustrated and quit blogging at the infancy. In the beginning, it is tough just to cover the website cost as well. If you are passionate about writing and publishing, building your audience, you will earn in the later years.


After half a year of spending time on blogging, you will start understanding the traffic thing and SEO management. I can help you generate more traffic and expand your earning.

Don’t waste your productive time in gaining blogging experiences. Don’t make mistakes to learn. A beginner blogger earning can be expanded if you can focus on increasing traffic. Learn from my mistakes. Here is an earnings report of successful bloggers as listed on Forbes.
Source: Forbes

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