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Ambani URL/ Easiest way to earn online

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Well, you might be tired searching for how to make money online and ways to earn money online on Google. You might have found multiple methods and tried as well. This is what I discovered for you to earn money online easily through ambaniurl.

This is probably the easiest way to earn online. It is simply a copy/ paste job that everyone can do and you don’t need to invest anything. You don’t need to be technical as well. However, you need to have an active internet connection and device. You are reading this article means you do have both.

What is Ambaniurl?

It is a website that shortens the long links/ URLs and provides you a short link. You use this generated short link to earn from it.

How do you do this?

Here is a step by step guide to walk you through the process of ambaniurl.

Step 1

Please go to the link ambaniurl on your browser.

Step 2

On the top menu, click on signup (for new users)

Step 3

Fill up your details, agree to the terms and conditions and click on register.

Step 4

Sign in and fill up your billing details in Settings >> Profile in your dashboard for receiving payments.

Profile billing details:

Now you are ready to start shortening the URLs and earn from ambaniurl. It is completely a free tool to shorten your long links. I use it to create a short link for my blogs.

How do you earn it?

When you finish setting up your login and details, take any link from any other website and paste it over the space.

After some seconds, a short link is generated for that longer link that you have pasted. Copy that short link and share it wherever you want to.

You can share it on your blogs, Facebook page, groups, walls, profiles, messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube description and so many other places where there are large users. When someone clicks on your short link, the individual will be taken to a page where some ads will be shown. After a few seconds, the individual will be redirected to the destination link. With that one click on your short link, you will earn a certain percentage commission from Ambaniurl that will be added in your account.

How much do you earn?

You will earn as much as you can depending upon how active you are and your network is. Some users even make $100 per day using this method. It pays over $5 per thousand clicks on the link. But, it depends upon the location where it is being clicked at. It varies according to the country.

How can I earn more?

In order to earn more using ambaniurl, you don’t want to use uninteresting links. Interesting links are more likely to be clicked. If you have a niche blog, then post it on your blogs with relevant links that your users want to see. If your niche is smartphones, then you can take a link which contains the latest updates about Apple's next phone. Shorten that link and paste in on your blog post. Your readers will find that relevant.

You can also use the link of this particular blog post of mine. Shorten this link and paste it on your favorite social media. I think this particular post will be an interesting link to click on. People will surely click to learn and earn. It will help me too.

You can also use ambaniurl’s referral program to earn more. You will earn up to 20% commission for a lifetime whenever a new user creates an account and earns from your referral link.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid through PayTm, Phonpe, PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Perfect Money, bank transfer etc, when you want to cash out. Here are the payment proofs. But, the minimum payout is $5. Don’t wait any longer. People are earning and you will too. Create your account, take this link https://www.blogmeaning.net/2019/02/easiest-way-to-earn-online-ambaniurl.html to shorten and start sharing.

Please share this post if you think it is worthy of sharing.

Comment below if there are errors and suggest me. Also, comment if you want more instructions on other earning platforms.

Thank you for reading!!! Happy earning.

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