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What is Hosting?

Hosting is a system of running and maintaining a computer system on someone’s behalf. It is a service that runs internet servers which allows individuals or groups to serve content to the internet.
It acts as a hard drive to all your pages, posts, images and files which are revealed on web browsers on certain commands, instructions, and keywords.

Your website is hosted or stored on special systems called servers. The more active your servers, the faster and active your website will be. The server computers will connect to your web pages and will be displayed and delivered to users through browsers.

Hosting providers may charge a flat rate per month or charge per bandwidth usage. The coverage charge of the host would be agreed upon during the initiation of the agreement. Buying simply a domain will not make your website live.

Your website’s data needs to be stored somewhere to be found when searched. This place is known as a host server. So, when someone clicks through your domain, it will point towards your host server and the pages are displayed through web browsers.

Most providers offer a combination of services like email managing, email accounts, ftp access, storage, bandwidth, Domains, subdomains, SSL, Wordpress support, etc.

Hosting companies require that you own your domain name. If you do not have a domain, I can help you get one at a cheap price from a trusted and reliable source.

What are the types of hosting?

There are multiple varieties out there and here I have listed some of the common types:

1. Website builders:

It is a type of host service that helps those beginners who need to host a website but have no technical knowledge to build a website. It provides you an online interface based on the browser to create your own website without any additional setup.

2. Shared hosting:

It is the type of host where you will be sharing your server with other website owners. The shared plan is cheaper that is why. But, using shared hosting will limit your storage, bandwidth, and speed.
Your website will be vulnerable to security threats and browsing speed becomes slower.

This kind of accommodation is best suited for small websites and those who don’t expect huge traffic to their blogs. It is also good for static websites.

3. Dedicated hosting:

It is the type of hosting service where you own the entire web server to yourself. Dedicated hosts provide you faster performance but you need to bear all the costs yourself which is very expensive. You also need to have better technical knowledge to maintain the server yourself.

This type of service is best for those website owners who need to store bulk data and need higher security. It is also good to use if you expect huge traffic to your blog.

4. VPS hosting:

It pertains to dedicated server resources. In this type of hosting, you can install any operating system, set of software modules and run any programs without any restrictions.

It has easy control panel usage, server backups, and basic management. It is suitable for any kind of website.

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