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Round up posts

Roundup posts are other great ways to generate more traffic and giving value to your blog readers. Contact other bloggers in your circle who are in a similar or dissimilar niche. Collect their emails and send them a message.

This is Mr. A, the admin of [your site]. I would like to know about [example topic/ title/ question] from you.  We are creating a round-up post in my blog about the topic. I will offer you a backlink to your website.
Mr. A

When they are interested to take your offer, they will surely mail you back with articles. Go through all the articles and integrate them into one single article. Don’t forget to link them. When you finish publishing the article at your blog, mail them again.

This is Mr. A again. I just published a roundup post from your information in my blog. Here is the link, [link]. Feel free to share it in your favorite social account.
Mr. A

Wait for a week and see how your website traffic boosts up. You can also take one of the popular blog’s links and integrate into your own post. Mail the link owner.

Hi [blogger]
I liked your article so much that I could not help linking it in my article. Here is the link of the article [link].
Feel free to share it in your favorite social media profile.
Mr. A

These are good strategies to generate and drive in other’s traffic to your blog.

Suggest me through comments if I missed something.

Also, suggest the topic for blogs.

Thanks for reading.

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