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Guest posting rules

Articles for submission must be already unpublished and in English. Papers should be elegantly composed, and we energize effortlessness and additionally clearness. It is critical that papers be duplicating altered painstakingly before submission. Drafts are not worthy. Pdfs are not accepted.
We will decline any accommodation or expel distributed substance that damages our strategies. Rehashed infringement may result in the conclusion of your record. At our sole carefulness, genuine infringement, (for example, written falsification or the production of spam or precluded) may result in the prompt closure of your record.
Blogmeaning.net just acknowledges unique, all around inquired about and top-quality articles. All articles must be honest and must not contain deceiving data. Blogmeaning.net has the authority not to publish any submitted content which does not meet its quality norms and criteria which are specified underneath:
** No compensation shall be provided for your submitted article/ post/ content.
If you need a backlink, we will create it for you that point to the desired page of your website/ blog.
When you submit or distribute articles to Blogmeaning.net, you are stipulating that:
·         You warrant that you are the writer of the article and completely in charge of its substance, especially the exactness of the data contained in that.
·         You recognize that Blogmeaning.net isn’t at risk for any debate or question that may emerge regarding your composed work.
·         You will consent to the terms, conditions, and arrangements put forward and authorized by Blogmeaning.net.
For Authors:
·         A writer isn’t permitted to submit articles with content replicated from the substance of books, periodicals and other pieces of literature, and substance from outside sites and electronic perusing materials. In the event that a writer is discovered blameworthy of literary theft and overstepping copyright laws, Blogmeaning.net has the privilege to erase that client’s record, deny posting or distributing of resulting articles, and erase recently submitted articles.
·         A writer isn’t permitted to submit articles that advance despises, bigotry, erotic entertainment, unlawful materials and some other substance that might be hostile to an individual or to society when all is said in done. Any articles which are considered in that capacity will be declined publication.
·         Blogmeaning.net does not pay a writer to submit articles and only endures the utilization of the site for business adventures.
·         A writer isn’t permitted to incorporate outside links and ads in the substance of the article.
·         Submitted articles must consent to the norms and criteria of the nature of Blogmeaning.net. If you are not sure, go through the home page and read some of our posts.
For Publishers:
·         All distributors must regard the copyrights of the writers of the articles that they wish to distribute. In all cases, appropriate attribution must be made by referring to the name of the writer in charge of the formation of the composed work. Dishonestly speaking to oneself as a writer of an article is a rupture of copyright law for which the violator will be considered responsible.
·         Published articles which are of different writers must not endure changes from its unique substance.
·         Blogmeaning.net does not pay distributors to submit or distribute articles.
On Third-Party Publications:
Blogmeaning.net won’t offer or advance any submitted article without the assent of its owner. Blogmeaning.net may distribute articles to approved accomplices yet dependably inside the concurred terms and strategies of the site.
Removal of Articles:
Blogmeaning.net claims all authority to delete articles with or without consent from the writers and distributors on the off chance that they don’t meet the site’s standard of value or in the event that they will in general abuse the terms and states of the site.
In the event that you have concerns with respect to the Quality Guidelines, get in touch with us by emailing us at gpchudal@gmail.com

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